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Ventis HEI240 Wood Insert

Ventis HEI240 Wood Insert

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The large Ventis HEI240 wood burning fireplace insert features a single cast iron door with a generous viewing area. Heat up to 2,100 square feet with while enjoying all the sights and sounds of a wood fire by utilizing the optional fire screen. The HEI240 includes a 144 CFM quiet blower to maximize heat output into the room. EPA certified with average particle emissions at 1.54 g/h and a 77% efficiency rating. Update your existing wood burning fireplace and bask in the warmth of a wood fire once again.

Bring your old brick or stone fireplace back to life adding this beautiful and efficient wood burning insert to it.

- Meets 2020 EPA Standards
- Heat Capacity: 500-2100 Square Feet
- Maximum Output BTU/Hour: 75,000
- Maximum Efficiency: 77%
- Maximum Burn Time: 8 Hours
- Firebox Volume: 2.4 Cubic Feet

With 65,000 max BTUs this fireplace will provide all the heat you need to keep you and your family warm and cozy on the coldest days. With 78% efficiency this fireplace will give more heat with less wood. Slash your utility bill and add beauty and décor to your home at the same time and buy this wood burning insert today.

This fireplace is capable of heating up to 1,800 square feet and provides a max burn time of 6 hours. Load the 1.9 cubic feet firebox up and take it easy as it keeps your home warm and toasty. A firescreen is optional and a great option if you have pets or small children.

- Ideal Firewood Length: 20"
- Emissions Grams/Hour: 1.54
- Blower CFM: 144 CFMs Per Hour
- Flu Size: 6"
- Weight: 285 Lbs.
- Certification: EPA, CSA

- Unit Dimensions: 22 7/8" H x 28 1/2" W x 26 3/4" D
- Minimum Fireplace Dimensions: 28 7/8"W x 23 3/8"H x 15 3/4"D
- Ceramic Glass Size: 10 1/4" H x16 7/8" W


*Base unit price. Additional items or services may be required to complete this product.
**Venting Requirements: This unit requires venting pipe with an inner diameter of 6 Inches.

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